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A Precarious Balance from Stories of the Post Natural installation, mm, 8 x 15 x 4 feet

Detail, A Precarious Balance


Detail from A Precarious Balance

Detail, A Precarious Balance

Stories of the Post Natural Installation, 9 x 30 x 5 feet, Upstate Art Weekend, Tivoli, NY

Stories of the Post Natural, detail 9 x 15 x 5 feet


Detail, Stories of the Post Natural

Detail, Stories of the Post Natural

Seeking Color, 4 x 5 feet, mixed media

Into the Black, 30 x 44 inches, photography, acetate, acrylic

Thin Skin, 30 x 18 inches, mixed media

Tethered to the Earth, 7 x 7 feet, photography, acrylic, wood, tyvek

Trapped, 6 x 5 feet, rope, photography, rubber, tvek, acrylic

Time, 29 x 30 inches, mixed media

Meandering, 54 x 106 inches, mixed media

Wound, 30 x 22 inches, mixed media

Ancient Bloom, 3 x 6 feet, vellum, acrylic, photography

Sumpthing, 4 x 4 feet, mixed media

Stick Season, 5 x 4 feet, mixed media

Face to the Ground, Sprouting,  6 x 4 feet, mixed media

Thistle, 5 x 7.5 feet, reflective fabric, acrylic, acetate, wire, Tyvek

Entangled, 40 x 30 inches, photography

Closing the Void, 3 x 6 feet, mixed media, photography


The Low Country, 36 x 80 inches, photography, tar paper

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